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For anyone who thought that the adventures of the Doctor--a time travelling renegade Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey--finished in 1989 when the BBC transmitted his final televised adventure as part of the ongoing series, then you have a bit of a shock coming to you.

"What's that?" you say, maybe thinking of the one-off 1996 television movie which introduced Paul McGann as the nation's favourite time traveller. But did you know that Doctor WHO, as that film was titled, is now just the tip of the iceberg? Since then, the BBC have been publishing a new novel featuring this incarnation of the Doctor almost every month (barring December which, we suppose, must be a Time Lord's month off).

In these novels he has acquired new companions: currently a teenager from 1996 called Sam Jones (soon to be leaving), and a man from 1963 named Fitz Kreiner. There are more changes imminent however, and, as with the series which provides the bedrock concepts, part of the fun of the novels is watching how the regular characters change and cope with what their travels throw at them.

Also, just like the TV series, there are stories to suit all tastes here. The books are not aimed at children, and many feature graphic scenes and concepts in which our heroes are forced to confront fears and horrors only touched upon in psychological thrillers and films. There are often no easy solutions, and the authors are not afraid to dig deep to find the inspiration that the Doctor needs to win through ... but sometimes he doesn't, and this is important.

Unlike some series fiction based on TV shows, where all the characters must remain unchanged by their experiences, with Doctor WHO fiction, things can and do change. Companions leave the Doctor; they can be hurt; they can even die. The Doctor too is not immune, he can be changed by what he sees and achieves--or does not achieve. This keeps the books unpredictable, and perhaps more engaging for those readers who keep up to date with them. On the whole, however, there are only one or two titles which would provide a difficult starting point. Generally the range is fresh and original, and any book will provide a great starting point for readers and fans wanting to become acquainted (or re-acquainted as the case may be) with the travels, friends and adventures of the Doctor.

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Doctor Who Books
UK Book
Audio CD
(by Tom Baker)
BBC Books
304 Pages
(hardcover & Kindle)
In his first-ever Doctor Who novel, Tom Baker’s incredible imagination is given free rein. A story so epic it was originally intended for the big screen, Scratchman is a gripping, white-knuckle thriller almost forty years in the making.

The Doctor, Harry and Sarah Jane Smith arrive at a remote Scottish island, when their holiday is cut short by the appearance of strange creatures – hideous scarecrows, who are preying on the local population. The islanders are living in fear, and the Doctor vows to save them all. But it doesn’t go to plan – the time travellers have fallen into a trap, and Scratchman is coming for them.

With the fate of the universe hanging in the balance, the Doctor must battle an ancient force from another dimension, one who claims to be the Devil. Scratchman wants to know what the Doctor is most afraid of. And the Doctor’s worst nightmares are coming out to play…

Doctor Who, Scratchman, Tom Baker
Doctor Who, Scratchman, Auidio CD

Corpse Marker

BBC Books
(6 Mar 2014)
288 pages
The Doctor and Leela arrive on the planet Kaldor, where they find a society dependent on benign and obedient robots. But they have faced these robots before, on a huge Sandminer in the Kaldor desert, and know they are not always harmless servants.

The only other people who know the truth are the three survivors from that Sandminer - and now they are being picked off one by one. The twisted genius behind that massacre is dead, but someone is developing a new, deadlier breed of robots. This time, unless the Doctor and Leela can stop them, they really will destroy the world.

An adventure featuring the Fourth Doctor, as played by Tom Baker, and his companion Leela
BBC Books - (6 Mar 2014) - 288 pages

Illegal Alien
BBC Books
(6 Mar 2014)
320 pages
The Blitz is at its height. As the Luftwaffe bomb London, Cody McBride, ex-pat American private eye, sees a sinister silver sphere crash-land. He glimpses something emerging from within. The military dismiss his account of events - the sphere must be a new German secret weapon that has malfunctioned in some way. What else could it be?

Arriving amid the chaos, the Doctor and Ace embark on a trail that brings them face to face with hidden Nazi agents, and encounter some very old enemies.

An adventure featuring the Seventh Doctor, as played by Sylvester McCoy, and his companion Ace

BBC Books
(6 Mar 2014)
304 pages
For thousands of years the Sontarans and the Rutans have fought a brutal war across the galaxy. Now the Sontarans have a secret plan to destroy the Rutan race - a secret plan the Doctor is racing against time to uncover.

Only one Rutan spy knows the Sontarans' plan. As he is chased through the galaxy in a desperate bid for his life, he reaches the planet Sentarion - where Professor Bernice Summerfield's research into the history of the Sontaran-Rutan war is turning into an explosive reality.

An adventure featuring the Seventh Doctor, as played by Sylvester McCoy


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